ICL has got a logo!

And not just one, but two!

In ICL, all decisions are taken by individual members in the local branches of the sections, in a bottom-up decision-making process, respectful of the internal mechanisms of each local organisation. Also, final outcomes are decided by consensus on the international level.

At the 2018 Parma Congress, when ICL was founded, all delegations carried a mandate from their organisations and members, with the decisions that they had taken. At that time many important aspects of the International were decided, but we didn’t choose a logo!

To ensure that all proposals come from individual members or local branches, the Liaison Committee began by asking the members to send their designs in. Any individual members of any local branches of ICL sections could submit their proposals. The response exceeded our expectations, both in number and quality.
Then, the Liaison Committee called a referendum among the sections to identify which proposals generated more consensus. To make this possible, the sections were asked to opt for a number of possibilities or indicate the order of their preference. Thus, comparing the different decisions, the Liaison Committee would be able to find a consensus.

Of all the proposals received, two were the preferred options for several sections and second for others. Instead of choosing one of them and dismissing the other, it was decided to keep both, as this seemed the best way to respect the opinions of the members. Both logos will be used interchangeably and the sections can choose to use one or the other.

This proves that, in ICL, all proposals come from individual members or local branches and decisions are made from the bottom up and by consensus!

¡ICL tiene un logotipo!