Now more than ever: Solidarity with Rojava


Only a few months ago, the sections in ICL agreed in a referendum to endorse the campaign Make Rojava Green Again, a drive to recover forested areas in large parts of Northeast Syria, a region devastated by war and by decades of environmental neglect, imposed on the local people by the Syrian regime. Ecology is one of the main pillars of democratic confederalism, the ideology behind the revolutionary process taking place in the area (the others being feminism and direct democracy).

Today, the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria is putting the whole process at risk. Indeed, to smash it is one of the avowed aims of the military offensive. Obviously, an authoritarian regime like the one that President Erdogan has implemented in Turkey can’t accept a democratic and revolutionary process taking place so close to home.

Our comrades running the Make Rojava Green Again have vowed to fight on, to continue working for the ecological recovery of the area and to defend the land (https://makerojavagreenagain.org/2019/10/09/facing-the-war-in-northern-syria-a-statement-from-make-rojava-green-again/).

Now more than ever, they need our support and solidarity, against all the odds! Donations can be sent through the following link https://makerojavagreenagain.org/donations/donate/ in a variety of forms (PayPal, cryptocurrency and regular bank transfer).

Donations can also be sent to Heyva Sör (The Kurdish Red Crescent) through paypal.me/heyvasor.

At this critic point in time, contributions are more needed and welcomed than ever!

Solidarity always adds up!